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What are the benefits of joining ISQC?

For you as a qualified Coach, we recognise the importance of demonstrating to potential clients the quality and expertise that you bring to your coaching work. By limiting membership to only those coaches with an accredited qualification, ISQC will assist the discerning buyer in selecting a coach or mentor who they can be confident holds a recognised coaching qualification and who is someone committed to their continuing professional development (CPD) post-qualification. This should allow you to stand out from the general would be coach with a built is assurance of your competency. A buyer can also be confident that you will engage in a professional and ethical way, with a quality assured practice.

What happens when my membership is due for renewal?

Approximately 1 month before your membership is due for renewal, we will contact you with the arrangements for your renewal. If you think that your status may have changed since your last renewal, you can state this on the Renewal Form and the Panel will consider your case. In most cases renewal will be straightforward. Automatic renewal via standing order or direct debit is not available.

If during a membership year you consider that your status has changed and you wish this to be recognised, it is possible to have this reviewed during the year and a pro rata adjustment will be made to your membership fee. If you wish to apply for this during a membership year there is a fee payable – this is not chargeable if requested at the normal end of year renewal.

Are there any discounts available for joining?

Various training organisations may choose to offer their alumni discounts, typically this will be on completion of their coaching qualification.

How do I take advantage of the Professional Liability Insurance special rates?

In our experience, most competitive tenders require bidders to hold and demonstrate that they have adequate insurance in place. Working closely with one of the UK’s leading insurance companies, we have agreed a specific policy and special premium to recognise the lower risks that come with a recognised coaching qualification. Although we would urge you to check that the cover is appropriate for your own anticipated activities, the provided cover will often include:

How does the special book discount work?

Details to follow – we’re still trying to improve the margins on your behalf.
Please bear with us.

What coaching courses are available to ISQC members at a discount?

Various training providers may from time to time offer discounts to ISQC members for CPD activities or occasionally for their main courses. You should contact your training provider direct for this.

Can I pay for my membership using a credit card?

Credit card is generally the most convenient and safest method of payment. ISQC can accept credit (or debit card) payments although sadly we have to pass on the 3% administration charge levied by the banks. In addition please note that if you are using a credit card in a currency other than GBP£, your card provider will convert the transaction on your behalf. Alternatively, you may pay by cheque – and this should be done via your training provider to take advantage of any preferential discounts they will have agreed on your behalf.

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