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Level 7
(or equivalent qualification*) in Coaching & Mentoring



Level 3 or 5
(or equivalent qualification*) in Coaching & Mentoring



Trainee or Certified****



Application Fee


Application for Upgrade
No charge if done at time of normal annual renewal

12 Months

Membership is for 12 months and is renewable annually


Electronic membership certificates will be issued for the 12 month membership period

*A qualification in coaching/mentoring demonstrates achievement at a level of academic/vocational study **Coaching/Mentoring = 1 to 1, Group Coaching/Mentoring, Coaching/Mentoring  Conversations, 10% of practice to be supervised ***CPD= Private Study, Workshops conducted, Attended trainings, Articles, Blogs, etc and assessment e.g. Masters, level 7, level 5, degree ****A certification recognises the completion of a coaching/mentoring programme e.g. NLP certification, Wellbeing Coaching.

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