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Sub Group

The ISQC has been launched as a society with the mission to support qualified coaches and mentors and those in training in accordance to the vision, aims and ethics of the ISQC.

Guiding Principles

Sub Group Objectives


Each sub-group have their own meet ups in their own local regions. Our most popular meet ups are for
– Coaching Circle : informal group of coaches meeting over coffee to discuss on various topics or discuss their practice
– Round Table Discussion : A facilitated session on a coaching/mentoring related topic with inputs from subject experts and external facilitators are also welcome.
– Group Coaching Supervision : Access to group supervision which is facilitated and led by a senior coach.

For any information and to get information on dates please contact us for find us on Eventbrite.

Professional Development Programme


Chair: Jane Shaddick-Brady

Sanam Yaqub

Tanya Miller

John Macdonald


Chair: Martyn Ellis

Emma Coller

Martin Hill

Judith Barton

For any information or to contact Sub-group members please email info@isqc.co.uk

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